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Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)


The PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) solution minimises any risks of collisions between forklifts and pedestrians in common work areas.
Safety for pedestrian PAS

System components




RFID activator


Tag verification

Forklift pedestrian alert PAS
Forklift trucks safety PAS


The Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) cautions the forklift driver when a pedestrians is detected within an adjustable distance of 1 to 6.5 metres.

In order to be identified by the PAS system, pedestrians carry electronic RFID tags or transponders that alert the driver of a potential human risk with clearly visible flashing lights.


The solution is marketed as a kit, and can be easily installed by a forklift dealer.
This Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) consists of the following components:

RFID activator.
Detection Antennas - 2 units: front and rear.
Indicator light – a beacon indicating when a pedestrian is located within the risk zone of the truck.
Test-tag – an active device which ensures the correct functioning of the system.
Driver inhibitor – it overrides the detecting abilities of the driver when inside the vehicle.
Personal tag – it protects pedestrians from being run over by forklifts or other commercial vehicles.
Tag verification antenna – a device used to check and record the proper functioning of RFID tags and batteries.

key features

Detection of pedestrians in the forklift’s proximity.
Detection distance is automatically adjusted depending on the speed of the machine.
Front detection from 0.5 to 6.5 metres.
Lateral detections of up to 4 metres.
Easy implementation by local distributor or installer.
Durable and robust system components.
Applicable to all types of industrial vehicles.


Loading and unloading zones dedicated to external drivers (people who are not familiar with the facilities and are at high risk of accidents within the space they share with the forklifts).

Poor visibility areas such as junctions where pedestrians and forklifts may intersect or where storage corridor exist.

Work spaces shared by machines and pedestrians such as production lines where the space for the movement of personnel and forklifts is very limited.


Increased levels of prevention in high-risk areas.
Increased supervision and protection of persons external to the workplace.
Reduced number of accident compensation claims.
Bargaining tool in the negotiation for reduced fees of insurance policies.
Additional differentiation between obstacles and people not found in other comparable systems.


Applicable to forklifts with cargos of up to 3.5 tons (Reach and counterbalanced trucks).
Optimum speeds between 6 Km/h and 8 Km/h. 




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