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Low Speed Area (LSA)


The Low Speed Area solution (LSA) places a limit on the speed at which a forklift circulates through different areas of the warehouse.

This system is specially designed to reduce the speed of the trucks in areas with pedestrian activity or where others are working.

The function of the Low Speed Area solution is to prevent accidents that result from forklifts speeding in areas shared by forklifts and working personnel.

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System components

Code detection

Control unit

Reflective coded

Connecting cables


Trucks equipped with LSA systems automatically identify the area where they find themselves and send a speed limitation signal to the truck.

The Low Speed Area solution (LSA) uses a panel of reflective coded bands, located on the roof of the doors or in areas where speed changes. When the forklift drives underneath the panel, the sensors decode the change in zone and proceed to activate the relay corresponding to that zone.

It is possible to determine two different types of zones: Slow and Fast.

The speed can be set to Slow or Fast on the forklift itself.


Control Unit.
Code detection sensors.
Connecting cables.
Reflective coded bands.


Speed limitation in the desired areas.
Easy installation by dealer.
Durable and robust system components.


Reduction of forklift speed in areas with pedestrian activity or where others are working.
High forklift traffic areas.




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